Books + Rec Shoppe

We’re Back!

Books + Rec Shoppe DIY Crafts Etsy Store

Back in 2015, Collin and I started a side business called Books + Rec Shoppe. We sold books and records online via Discogs, Etsy, and our website, as well as at pop-up shops and flea markets. I also played with making crafts out of vintage materials derived from old records and books. We LOVED it, but got a little burnt out and decided to set it aside when we found out we were pregnant with Caroline.

After much thought, I’ve decided to revive the online branch of B+R! I’m actually super excited about it because Books + Rec brought be so much joy. It gave me a creative outlet utilizing materials that I loved, but could no longer function for their original purposes. I loved breathing new life into these pieces and look forward to doing it again! Find us on Etsy at Fan favorites have been reinstated and we can look forward to new DIY fun to come!

❀ Laura